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Removal / Deportation / Bonds

Marc Reiter is highly experienced in Bond Hearings and Removal/Deportation Cases. He regularly represents clients in Immigration Courts in several cities. Not only does he have the experience and knowledge to help you or your loved one, but is known for his tenacity and willingness to fight on behalf of his clients.

If the client is detained, Marc Reiter will first work quickly and diligently with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), and the Immigration Court to secure the client's release at the lowest possible bond amount and as quickly as possible. The firm will work hard to make sure the client is treated fairly.


Being convicted or even pleading guilty to many crimes can result in the client being deported from the United States. Marc Reiter has extensive experience in representing individuals who are facing deportation because of crimes they have been convicted of or plead guilty to. Marc Reiter has successfully defended such clients in Removal/Deportation Proceedings resulting in their ability to remain in the United States.

Marc Reiter is regularly sought out by Criminal Law Attorneys for consultations regarding the immigration consequences of criminal charges including formulating pleas to help clients avoid removal. Marc Reiter has also been successful in having convictions or pleas changed so that a client avoids removal or at least becomes eligible to apply for relief from removal.

Since being placed in removal proceedings may result in the client being removed from the United States, it is important to be represented by an attorney with experience and knowledge in this area of practice.


Marc J. Reiter obtained Cancellation of Removal on behalf of his Canadian Citizen and US Permanent Resident client who had a convicted of an Aggravated Felony.  An Aggravated Felony disqualifies one from obtaining Cancellation of Removal in general.  The client demonstrated genuine rehabilitation.  Marc J. Reiter was able to have the conviction vacated, and a have the client plea to a lesser crime that then made her eligible to apply for Cancellation of Removal.  Judge Durling in York County found that the client deserved a grant of Cancellation of Removal.

Marc J. Reiter obtained 212(c) Cancellation of Removal on behalf of his Ghanaian Citizen and US Permanent Resident Client who had plead guilty to the Aggravated Felony of Money Laundering in 1996.  Initially, the client was also charged with Fraud which would have required him to apply for a 212(h) waiver, a waiver which is often very difficult to obtain.  Marc J. Reiter was able to present legal argument which convinced Judge Mills of Philadelphia Immigration Court to dismiss the fraud charge, and then was able to obtain 212(c) relief on behalf of his client.

Marc J. Reiter obtained non-Permanent Resident Cancellation of Removal on behalf of his client who had entered without inspection from El Salvador.  The client was married to a U.S. Citizen but ineligible to adjust status (gain permanent residence) because he had entered the country illegally.  Marc J. Reiter was able to demonstrate that his client’s wife and child would suffer “extreme and unusual” hardship, a necessary element of proof in non-Permanent Resident Cancellation of Removal Cases, if the client was removed to El Salvador.

Marc J. Reiter successfully represented a client in removal proceedings who, while a Legal Permanent Resident, had a conviction for possession of a firearm. A possession of firearm conviction can make a person removable/deportable from the United States. We were able to have the client readjusted (essentially granted permanent residence) by the Immigration Judge, Judge Honeyman of the Philadelphia Court.

Marc J. Reiter obtained Withholding of Removal (similar to Asylum) in Removal Proceedings on behalf of a family from Venezuela who had suffered death threats and attacks from individuals associated with Hugo Chavez.


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