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Firm Description

The Law Office of Marc Reiter is a law firm dedicated to effectively representing individuals, families, and businesses to attain their immigration goals. Due to extensive experience in Personal Injury Law, it also represents personal injury victims. At the Law Offices of Marc J. Reiter, you can be assured that Attorney Marc Reiter will work personally on and direct all matters concerning your case.

Marc Reiter is the Immediate Past Chair of the Immigration Immigration Lawyers Association Pittsburgh Chapter. He has held officer positions in Immigration Immigration Lawyers Association Pittsburgh Chapter for the last four years. He has experience in a wide range of immigration matters including non-immigrant employment and family based visas, employment based and family based immigrant visas (Permanent Residence), Removal/Deportation Hearings, Federal Court Litigation, Citizenship and Asylum.

Marc Reiter regularly practices before USCIS, USICE, Executive Office of Immigration Review (Immigration Court), Board of Immigration of Immigration Appeals, and Federal Court. He has represented clients in Immigration Court in Atlanta, Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, York), and Texas.

Marc J. Reiter has lived and worked in foreign countries, including England and Israel, and therefore has a unique understanding and appreciation of the goals and concerns of foreign nationals and their families coming to the United States to live and work. He received his Undergraduate Degree (Cum Laude-High Honors) and Law Degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He also received a scholarship to complete course work in legal studies at Tel Aviv University. He speaks English and Hebrew.

Marc J. Reiter has several years of experience representing individuals and businesses in several types of immigration cases including family based cases (MARRIAGE, K-1 FIANCE, K-3, REMOVAL OF CONDITIONS), employment/profession based cases (LABOR CERTIFICATION, H-1B, MEDICAL DOCTORS), deportation/removal cases (including CRIMINAL BASED ), citizenship, and asylum cases.

He has represented individual in Removal Proceedings in Immigration Courts in several cities including, but not limited to, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, York, Atlanta, Buffalo, El Paso, Harlingen, Columbus, and Orlando. He has also represented clients before the Board of Immigration Appeals, and in Federal Court. He has handled several appeals to the Board of Immigration Review, and several Petitions for Review in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

He has represented U.S. and foreign multimillion dollar corporations, small businesses, hospitals and medical doctors in various types of cases including labor certification, H-!B, Intra-Company transfers, and J-1 Waivers.

Marc Reiter also regularly advises criminal defense attorneys representing aliens in criminal court as to how to avoid negative immigration consequences.

The firm constantly works to keep abreast of all new immigration laws and their effects on our clients. Marc Reiter regularly attends the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Annual Conference. He will be a speaker at the American Immigration Lawyers Association 2009 Annual Conference. He also reviews various legal publications, USCIS, USICE, Memorandums of Law, and Court Decisions on a regular basis. He has also lectured on immigration law issues.



Marc J. Reiter is in frequent contact with officers of USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), CBP (Customs and Border Protection), and EOIR (Executive Office of Immigration Review), and has a good working relationship with these agencies.

The firm has an experienced paralegal staff and the resources to represent you effectively and creatively.

All paralegals have graduated from an accredited paralegal program and/or have a college degree.




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